Américaine, burger style crêpe

Américaine, a crêpe for american’s lovers A delicious beef cooked with onions, some raw red onions, a lot of french fries and for whose who want, some cheddar cheese. Come to have an american taste at our french restaurant, and top your crêpe with as much mayonnaise or ketchup sauce that you want!  

Great Goat

For goat cheese lovers ! Strong crêpe with a warm and generous goat cheese. A perfect taste with the cripsy bacon inside and the walnuts on the top.

Perfect Potato

A generous potatoe crepe Do you like potatoes, cheese and ham? Then you will fall in love with this crepe, really big and generous, with it’s healthy organic salad.

Crazy Cheese

Crazy Cheese, savory crepe A mix of 3 cheese, an egg and some ham, one of the most famous french crepe! Absolutely perfect with the buckwheat flour.